How to turn off your monitor in in GNU/Linux

Here's a handy tip to turn off your monitor and to save electricity & save the environment:

Just type

xset dpms force off

in your shell!

This works with most operating systems, such as openSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora etc. In other words, systems running the X Window System.

If you're running KDE + openSUSE 11.2 (like me!) then you can also create a button in your taskbar to do the above!

Here's how:

  1. Right-click on your KDE Kickoff Application Launcher.

  2. Select Menu Editor.

  3. In the categories displayed on your left, right-click System and select New Item....

  4. When asked for a name, enter Turn Off Monitor.

  5. To your right, in the General tab, in the Description textbox, enter Puts your monitor in standby mode.

  6. Add a Comment if you fancy.

  7. Select an icon for your button by clicking the big button with the question mark.

  8. My personal favorite is the preferences-web-browser-shortcuts icon; but you can select any icon you fancy.

  9. To select my favorite icon, under the Icon Source select the System icons *radio button, select *Applications in the combo-box and search for preferences-web-browser-shortcuts *and click *OK (if necessary.)

  10. In the Command text-box, type xset dpms force off.

  11. Click on the Advanced tab and notice that the Current Shortcut Key has a None button.

  12. Click on that None button and press & hold the Meta (i.e. Windows) key and (while still holding it) press the **(back-quotes or the tilde) key. After you release both the keys, the key shortcut **Meta + should be visible instead of None.

  13. You're done! Just click Save on the KDE Menu Editor's toolbar and close the window.

  14. The Turn Off Monitor menu command will now feature in the Kickoff *> *Applications > *System *menu.

  15. You can now:

* Right-click on it and select **Add to Favorites**.

* Drag and drop it onto your taskbar. (Be sure your KDE Plasma widgets are unlocked.)

That's all folks! Help protect our planet Earth in all the ways you can, however little your contribution may be.

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