Mobile Developer Summit &mdash 2013

It all began at 8am at the Indian Institute of Science with all the developers arriving at the venue. You could see some people calling their friends/colleagues and asking the "Where are you?" question. You could see some people going through the agenda and discussing with their friends about which sessions to attend. You could see some familiar faces of people you've seen at other conferences.

The conference began with a wonderful keynote from Mike M of Kii Software. I liked what he said about networking with people. It's the social network that we build -  getting connecting users.

The next amazing keynote was by Scott. Scott enthralled the audience by talking about how the web has revolutionized our world. It's really amazing to see how far the web has come.

What followed were talks by Sarim Aziz on the BlackBerry user experience and by Kavin Mittal on mobile product monetization.

A shot of the stage]

After the talks, I met Scott Davis and showed him the apps that I created. We talked about micro formats, JavaScript frameworks among other things. I also got a chance to meet two developers from Manipal working on some cool and cutting edge graphics using WebGL. The good thing about such conferences is that you get to meet people and share ideas.

The next session is on HTML5 video by Scott Davis. I'm really excited to attend it!

So that's it for day one of the Mobile Developer Summit organized by saltmarch media. I'm off to grab the front row seat for Scott's talk! I'll leave you with some pictures of the event.

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